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Those scanning the net to answer What Is AtMoney Win should take a gander here. Maybe you are scrutinizing to ask is AtMoneyWin a hoax and a racket? Is At Money Win honest and truthful about making someone $1000’s a month for watching ads? No, AtMoney is NOT legit and is a crude machination and thus a COMPLETE SCAM! This highly exposing article will ask who owns AtMoney and ultimately why I am saying they are illegal and crooked. Those who HAVE NOT BEEN PAID, are asked to help out, and let everyone know in the comments below this article.

What Is AtMoney Win and Who’s the Creator? Money Making Activities and How this Shake Down Works.

Probably in vain, but let us try to seek out the real creator, before further expanding on what is atmoney win. No generators name, email address is not there and the registration website address is from Panama. The ONLY valuable thing I see is they started AtMoney 11/03/2018. This is good news because we have caught them early to help many this year, as they are only online same date from creation. This is from WHOIS.

The False Work Involved.


The unknown tricksters behind AtMoney started off with German versions. Then Russian and Finally English ones. There are untold thousands of these sites that are identical. To date, there are over 1000 English Versions Infecting the Internet and that number is steadily rising. I will leave a list of the 2018/2019 Versions later for you to watch out for.

It is free to sign up to ‘At’. Only an email is required, and at that, it does not have to be a legit one – weird. They require no email verification either, another cause of concern, as most sites do. You will see on their Home Page a list of happily paid members. These members are acquiring over $400 (some are , apparently) per day for only 3/5 works. This nets a cool $50 to $300 daily where minimum cash out is $150. Of course, those figures are fake. Even more absurdly, they proudly proclaim many members earning $4800 Monthly!! Nope, sorry. Not real.

Members are advised you can make $00.10 per viewed video, a figure that is far too high, which they give to your account for you to see. One lady even made the cash out in one day! The referral programis very lucrative as well. When you refer someone, and that person actively watches ads, you are given 50% of their profits. Again, no one gets paid.

At the point cash out is achieved these guys say they are going to pay their members in 1 hour. The experience does not correlate as I have witnessed reports that this may take 2 to 3 months waiting time to process your payments. Though, they can speed this up for you – so you click on the ‘EXPRESS OPTION’.

Before, or just after this point, they require of you to make 40 members to them. This is nowhere stated on their website. Without this number of referrals you are not allowed to get your earnings. Per my research, AtMoney will tempt you to buy those referrals for between $5/20. I believe the standard rate is actually $14. After this is paid you are locked out of your account without hope of deleting it.

Perhaps, as well, they will say you must do a survey or sign up to an offer. Any bank or PayPal detaisl handed over should immediately be secured. These people put such details on a scam list and sell this very personal information onto online crooks. Such people will now use that info for personal gain via SPAMMING you, ID Fraud etc. Need to know what Spamming is? Click this article called Spamming from WikiPedia.

Ultimately, all they want is new members to make victims out of. For every video watched by members, that generates an income. Those ads are off site (third party ads) and those third party sites will pay AtMoney some tiny commission – and it is not 10 cents per view. THAT IS TOO MUCH.

All those commission’s ad up, through their many sites and many members, to a fair amount of money I can imagine. Sadly, they don’t like to share these profits with their members, and the end of the scam is to ensure their own online survival, by coercing people to make new sign ups.

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