OutdoorsWell.com Scam Alert!

OutdoorsWell.com Scam Alert! Beware of OutdoorsWell.com because it is a fraudulent e-commerce site.

Well, now maybe you want to know why is OutdoorsWell a scam, what makes Outdoors Well a scam, what is OutdoorsWell.com in real and so on, right? Well, you are going to find out the answers to these queries here within our Outdoors Well review, so you don’t have to search any other OutdoorsWell reviews to find out the truth about this company. OK, let’s begin with our OutdoorsWell.com review to find out why is an Outdoors Well scam.

What is Outdoors Well and why is OutdoorsWell.com a scam?

OutdoorsWell.com is a site pretending to be selling items like outdoor power equipment, nail guns, portable air compressors, camping gear, tree trimming, cutting tools, lawn care equipment, air tools and so on, but it is not delivering the items after users purchased from this site.

You can find out the plenty of complaints from lots of users for not getting their items after they purchased from this site. So, this proves there is something wrong with Out Doors Well and it smells like a scam because these days there are lots of e-commerce sites which are pretending to be selling different kinds of items but not delivering any items after users purchased from those sites.

In order to confirm either is OutdoorsWell a scam or not, we did further research and find out more warning bells about this company which you can find below.

Outdoors Well is a scam, we can confirm it

Since we have found lots of complaints from various people about not receiving their items after they purchased from OutdoorsWell, so we did further research to find out the reality of OutdoorsWell.

First of all, we tried to check the owner details and company’s address because only scam e-commerce sites hide their owner details and company’s location, not the legit ones. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any information about who and from where is operating and running OutdoorsWell because it hasn’t mentioned that on its website. So, we check WHOIS details and find out that it has also concealed the owner information in WHOIS which is definitely not a good sign because like we have said before, only scam companies have found to be hiding their owner and address details, not the legit ones.

After we checked the owner details, we tried to find out the legitimacy of the complaints because it’s hard to believe every complaint that we can find around the internet since the legit sites also have lots of complaints from their haters. So, we did further research to find out the reality of those complaints.

Those complaints found to be provided from different email addresses and from the completely different location (IP addresses) which definitely mean those complaints are not from the same people. So, those complaints are from genuine people.

After that, we tried to find out the positive reviews on OutdoorsWell and then we got surprised. There are not any positive OutdoorsWell.com reviews on the internet but the bunch of complaints. Although legit companies have complaints, still they have positive reviews too. If some company is doing good, then the number of positive reviews should be more than the complaints. However, in the case of OutdoorsWell, we have found only negative complaints, but not any positive Outdoors Well reviews and those complaints completely match with the complaints of similar kinds of scam e-commerce websites.

These days if you find any new e-commerce website with the bunch of complaints claiming users didn’t receive the items or claiming the credit card fraud and so on, then you should stay away from that e-commerce website.

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