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Viral Bucks

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If you’ve stumbled upon here then you may be wondering what in the heck is Viral Bucks? First and foremost, let me introduce you to Ethical Money Online. Ethical Money Online is a platform that helps people make money online the right way. We expose scams, promote legit opportunities, and we guide you to making honest money on the internet.

Viral Bucks Review

I took the time to sign up to Viral Bucks a couple of months ago to test it out for you guys. I have since made around $21,000 and I am really happy with the network. You can read a more detailed review below.


Viral Bucks is a network that allows people to make money on social media. More specifically, they are an influencer network catered towards social media users. They help you monetize your audience and social media use with ease. There are various ways you can earn with Viral Bucks; you can refer friends, drive traffic to their site, or complete easy surveys.


Viral Bucks may seem too good to be true from a first glance. However, there are tons of evidence around the web pointing towards the fact that they are legit. Their site also contains reviews from their members. There you can find videos of members expressing their success with the network and screenshots of payments received by members posted on social media. A quick search on YouTube also returns many videos of people confidently promoting Viral Bucks and showing their received payments.


Viral Bucks currently pays its members $10 per referral, $2 per click on their referral link, and an additional $5 – $50 for completing other tasks. Compared to other networks, these payouts are pretty high which allows Viral Bucks to stand out.


The network has various features that help make earning a breeze. You can easily share your link across various social media platforms with a click of a button.

Viral Bucks Share Section Screenshot
Viral Bucks easily allows you to share your link across various social platforms.

Additionally, the network provides pre-made creatives in their ‘Promotional Posts’ section, which you can use to help you share on social media. If you need help promoting, you can easily find support in their help section.


There is a rewards section that incentives earnings. This allows you to both get paid for doing work and receive some cool gifts on the side. Some prizes include free AirPods, a free iPad, and even a free MacBook.

Viral Bucks Rewards Center Screenshot
Viral Bucks Rewards Center further incentivizes earning on the platform.


Payments with Viral Bucks was pretty easy in my opinion. The first time I cashed out, 2 months ago, I was required to wait a 30 day period. They explained that all new members were required to wait for this period on their first payment to prevent fraud. After that period, all of my other payments were sent instantly to my PayPal account. I tried CashApp one time and I received it instantly too.


Viral Bucks is a legit company with high payouts and cool features. Some may be skeptical about the company at first, but it is a great network for making money with social media.

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